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Meet Kay!

History… Kay was referred to me through a physical therapist office about eight months ago at a point where she was recovering from a badly broken ankle which resulted in surgery leaving her with a plate in her ankle and a great need for reahabilitation with physical therapy.  Physical therapy was going well, however as is often heard, Kay’s insurance company abandoned covering therapy sessions and she found herself “stuck” with limitations and in a situation where she felt she was not functional in her daily activities to her satisfaction.  Kay knew she could do so much more but didn’t know how to get there.  

Kay presented with limited range of motion and pain and stiffness in her ankle that impaired simple functions such as navigating stairs, horseback riding and walking on uneven terrain.  She recalls often, the pain she experienced stepping out of bed in the morning and the need to “side step” down the stairs in her home. Kay’s normal activities became significantly impaired and her job as a police officer and hobbies such as horseback riding and ice hockey was just painful and caused her distress.

The Plan… Kay and I worked together to establish fitness goals and a plan to reduce her limitations in a way that would not disrupt and take over her life but fit nicely into her lifestyle.  Over the past eight months I enjoyed watching Kay take responsibility for her wellness and make great gains in core strength, balance and range of motion.  

Progress!  She is more confident in her activities and is able to find ways to relax and enjoy her lifestyle in a more functional way.  Kay reports she navigates stairs normally with no more side stepping and her pain and stiffness are gone.  Recently she has worn “heels with no problem”, feels stronger and more confident going for long walks outside and is even beginning to get her “back crossovers in hockey”!

I am so proud of your progress Kay!  Keep up the great attitude!

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