The Rope of Compassion Project


I created this idea through my holistic wellness coaching work as a tool for my clients to reset their minds and focus on positive thoughts each day.  It is helpful to promote clarity, purpose, healthy habits, navigate struggles, and to fight stress, negative thoughts and urges.


Why is it that sometimes we reserve our harshest judgement and expectations for ourselves and to those who we love the most?  Whatever the reason doesn’t really matter.  What is important, is to realize that how we treat people and ourselves is a choice and a habit.  Each day is a new precious opportunity to breathe, do our best and practice positive habits no matter our circumstances.

I first created this idea for myself, to help keep my insanely busy life organized, focused and to calm my mind.  I found the practice so incredibly helpful that I started introducing it to my clients and my idea for the “Rope of Compassion” project was born.  

We’re all going to swim in negative waters once in awhile, but what matters is how long we stay there and how quickly we work to get ourselves out.   Practicing positive habits daily is what sets happy people apart from unhappy people, NOT doing everything perfectly.  


This small piece of rope is cut from a continuous strand that is to be shared between special people. It is because you are special to me that I have prepared this strand for you.  A knot on one end is YOUR daily uplift and reminder to have a positive purpose; on the other end is a knot to extend the same compassion to another special person.

Place this rope in a place where you can be reminded every day to practice clearing toxic thoughts from your mind.  Take three to ten deep breaths and  spend time with yourself to appreciate right now, not the past, not the future, but right now.  It can be done in less than a minute, from anywhere for any purpose you desire.  It’s free, it’s private, it has no side effects or risks.  As this becomes a regular routine, you may even begin to notice people commenting on how you glow!