Group Fitness

PLEASE NOTE:  Drop in fee is $15 per class unless otherwise specified or announced.  Fees, date and location are subject to change so it is recommend you RSVP to Carol at least 24 hours before start of class to be sure the class is running as scheduled.

Group Fitness


Class Descriptions

(Please carry in your shoes. Street shoes are not allowed on the studio floor)

Adult Fitness | Move Free: Strength, balance & falls prevention class for populations with limitations such as Parkinson, arthritis, mild stroke, joint issues, etc. Chair and standing modifications are provided. Great for beginners, seniors and individuals recovering from injury. (45 min) B

Adult Fitness | Strength & Balance: Functional chair or standing exercises to improve balance and functionality that are important for everyday activities.  This class includes a 5 minute warm-up to increase body temperature and preview of strength and range of motion exercises,.exercises including modified push-ups, standing balance drills, single leg balancing, strength exercises to work different body parts successively as not to overly fatigue one body part at a time, and a relaxing 5-8 minute cool down to send you on your way. Intensity level is controlled by the individual. (45-60 min) B

Core & Cardio:  Full-body conditioning & core training using only your body weight, a hand towel and a mat.  Strong emphasis on fat-burning cardio including lower & upper body concentrations all involving core, balance and flexibility while elevating your heart rate and burning additional calories. (45 min) AB/I

Core & Strength:  Core and cardio class as described above which also includes strength training using your body weight, a hand towel, bands or dumbbells and a mat.  Strong emphasis on core, smaller and large muscle groups. (45-60 min) AB/I

FITCAMP meets every week on Wed & Sat for six weeks.  Each week we will mix it up with a warm up, power, strength, core and/or interval circuits and cool down with some elements of yoga, and injury prevention stretches and relaxation.

Power Up:  Utilization of metabolic muscles primarily in the legs, back, chest and glutes for extraordinary calorie burning potential.  Use of your own body weight, light to moderate free weights (5-15lbs) and/or resistance tubing in compound exercises. (45 min) AB/I/A

YogaFit, Level 1:   Vinyasa technique classes involve linking several poses together to create strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance to effectively work all parts of the body equally, creating an experience of non-judgement and non-competition.

Weekly Unwind:   The class includes three segments to help you sweat, stretch, unload  and “just breathe” to get you off to a great start to your weekend.  1) warm up plus variations each week of Pilates, balance, power and/or core training, 2) static stretching and relaxation breathing to soothing music, 3) tips, ideas, discussion and tea. (60 min) B/I/A   This class is run as an occasional special workshop. CONTACT CAROL IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOST A CLASS LIKE THIS IN YOUR AREA.

Locations: Studio 9247, 206 Concord St., Peterborough, NH

The Bond Wellness Center at Monadnock Community Hospital, Old St., Peterborough, NH  (ADDITIONAL FACILITY GUEST FEE APPLIES!)

Before you arrive for your first class: